The Deep

The Deep

Q - What lives at the bottom of the ocean and makes you laugh?
A - A clown fish of course

A clown fish is one of the many wonderful sights you will encounter in this fabulous and magical world that you can swim through without ever getting wet.

Have you ever stepped into the jaws of a giant shark? You have!? Hmmm... then you won't mind doing it again, will you?

If you want to enter this undersea wonderland and imagine how it feels to swim alongside giant sized versions of every sort of plant-life and creature from The Deep; you must first prove how brave you are by stepping through the jaws of a shark!

There's no need to worry though; our pet shark hasn't eaten any little people for a long time, and we're almost certain he won't eat you.

It's all up to your imagination as to what happens in here. If you were escaping from scary monsters, for instance, would you choose to find friends to help you in The Deep?

Venture to the pages of The Dark Zone to discover more... if you dare!

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"Brilliant place to go my children loved it will definitely be going back this year highly recommended"

Lisaava1, Tripadvisor