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Terracotta Warriors

Meet the Army

As the Terracotta Army guarded the tomb of the First Emperor of China over 2200 years ago; so the Illuminasia replicas guard the entrance to the Jade Palace.

Mysteries of China

Enter the palace

See the beauty and tradition of Chinese lantern making in its originally intended form: as a format for celebrating the many aspects of Chinese culture. Walk among the Terracotta Warriors as they guard the Jade Palace and discover your birth sign in the Chinese Zodiac. If you are lucky, the Emperor himself will grant you an audience, but don’t forget to bow before you leave!

Land of the Dinosuars

Beware of the Dinos

NEW FOR 2017! Dare you enter the Land of the Dinosuars?

Land of the Giants

Beware of the dog

It’s as if you've stepped into another world - oversized bugs and beasts, a gigantic playful puppy and much more linger in this larger-than-life garden. Once within, you will never have felt so small!

The Dark Zone

Beware of Spiders

Take a walk among the creepy crawlies of the Darks Zone…if you dare…

The Deep

Swim With the Fishes

Enter our underwater zone with a great photo opportunity; through the jaws of a huge shark! Once you’ve navigated through its teeth you’ll discover rays, jellyfish and some of the cutest clown fish to ever leave the Barrier Reef.

World of Wonders

See the Wonders of the World

Some of the most famous landmarks from around the globe are right here: the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, Sphinx, Great Wall of China, Easter Island, Tower Bridge, and of course, the Blackpool Tower!

Planetarium, 3D & Cafe

Venture into the Great Unknown

Space is big. You’ll find out just how big in this recreation of our Solar System and learn fascinating facts among the stars while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.