The Mysteries of China

The Mysteries of China

Enter the Palace

The colour of the Jade Palace combined with the imposing sight of the Emperor's statue inspires such a sense of serenity, you would be forgiven for wondering if you really are in the centre of Blackpool.

Illuminasia's Chinese lantern art sculpture of the First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, could be nothing less than magnificent for the man who unified the warring states of the region to create the China we know today; and is the instigator of the building of the Great Wall of China.

Although the tomb has yet to be excavated, it is known to be the size of a football pitch and not only contain the emperor, but his many concubines and the poor master craftsmen who were entombed within the walls so as not to release its secrets.

We promise our visitors shall not suffer the same fate, as there is so much more to see while you're here! Plus Blackpool council have very strict rules on that kind of thing... apparently.

Taking in the atmosphere, you may find yourself pondering your own life and that of your spouse. Would you describe them as a bit of a rat, or perhaps they are more like a snake? All in the nicest possible sense, of course.

Before you leave the Jade Palace, take a moment to discover which animal represents the year you were born, according to Chinese tradition. After all, there may be good reason why a certain loved one is referred to as a 'little monkey'!

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"We visited this attraction as a family so wanted something for a baby child and adults. It was just perfect you can move backwards and forwards throughout the attraction so can take as long as you like. You get a scratch card questionnaire on entry and this keeps adults and children interested in the detail of the attraction, For small children the bright lights, colours and shapes seem to keep the interest going."

Jetlagged2, Tripadvisor