Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants

Beware of the Dog

With lots of lovely giant plants and dragon flies, entering the Land of the Giants is like finding yourself in your very own Secret Garden.

There's nothing scary here; unless you think a 100 ft high ant is scary that is. Well, it might not be quite that tall, but are you brave enough to stand underneath it?

Swap places with the tiny bugs in your garden and picture how much of a giant, even a little person like you, must seem to them.

Better make sure you don't have any sweets in your pocket, though. You know how much ants like sugary things and they may just slip one of their giant legs in your pocket to steal all your sugary treats from you!

There's even more than insects and plants though.

Can you imagine having a giant puppy giving you a big sloppy lick on your cheek before lolloping off to chase giant butterflies through lots of towering, brightly coloured flowers and tall grass that feels as high as your house?

There's lot of fun to be had in the Land of the Giants and could even one of the places you may escape to... read what happens in The Dark Zone if you want to know more!

  • Woof Woof

"A fabulous, original exhibition, so cleverly done. One section is clearly designed to attract school visits but the areas of the Chinese emperor and the natural world are stunning."

Shiela D, Tripadvisor