The DArk Zone

The Dark Zone

Beware of the Spider

Take a walk among the creepy crawlies of the Darks Zone…if you dare…

It's a dark stormy Halloween night. You and your best friend are out Trick or Treating (and looking rather fetching in your Sponge Bob Square Pants outfit) when you suddenly realise you've been magically transported into Illuminasia's Dark Zone!

Your friend looks equally bemused as to how you got there - although it hasn't stopped her jamming more jelly snakes into her mouth than you would have thought humanly possible - when all at once... your blood runs cold...

'What was that squishy dragging noise?' you ask in a wobbly voice.

With your knobbly knees knocking loudly, you dare to look behind you...

It's not...? Oh no it can't be! It is! It's the dreaded Giant Pumpkin!... Help!

Someone has scooped out his insides and now he's very, VERY hungry and wants to fill up his empty tum again. He's on the look-out for naughty girls and boys, as a tasty snack. Oh no, he's seen you!

'Yum Yum,' he splutters, making ichy orange drool gurgle over his jagged jaw. Eeek!

Just as he's about to pounce, you run the other way... straight into eight wiggling hairy legs - 'Aggghhhh! It's the Giant Spider!'...

We promise we will do our very best and not allow any of the giants to eat you up... anyway they may think mums and dads are much more filling - or better still, teachers! (No such luck; the last teacher one of our giants ate, immediately got spat out again with a disgusted 'Yeuch!')

Enter the Dark Zone, if you dare; and let your imagination run wild. Of all the things to do in Blackpool, a visit here, is a must!

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