The Dark Zone

The Blackpool Experience with 3D.

See ILLUMINASIA come to life.

On entering Illuminasia, be sure to pick up the special glasses that allow you to enjoy the wonderful 3D film that brings a whole new dimension to the exhibition.

Combining ancient Chinese lantern art work with the latest in technological effects, the Illuminasia 3D experience is a family friendly delight that ranks high among the best of Blackpool shows.

Observing kids (and adults!) attempting to capture the images that appear to dance in front of their eyes, is almost as much fun as watching the film itself.

Created by the awesome Whizzbang Productions, who use the same 3D technology in this film as they do in live stage shows, including the hugely popular Horrible Histories, and in pantomimes such as: Jack and the Beanstalk, Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Robinson Crusoe.

The 3D experience is a favourite among our visitors for the fun and excitement it brings and further enhances this one of a kind exhibition.

  • 3D

A must see, giant silk and light models stunning designs of buildings from around the world plus giant insects ,sea life and Chinese soldiers also a 3d room which was stunning the lanterns floating in front of your face then the dragons flying around just fab take as long as you want to look around we were in for over an hour then at the end there is a laser show it is well worth the money

Michael W, Tripadvisor